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Montana’s trap-free initiative makes public lands safer

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“Actor Peter Coyote has endorsed I-177 … listen and watch here”

The purpose of ballot initiative 177 is to remove the danger that traps pose to people, pets and wildlife on public lands.

I-177 has statewide support from public land users including hunters, anglers, hikers, and wildlife watchers.

I-177 is a common-sense solution to the unsafe, indiscriminate and cruel practice of trapping on our valued public land.

VOTE YES on I-177 on November 8th

What I-177 WILL do:

  • Will apply only to public lands (such as national forests, state lands, county and city parks)
  • Will prohibit recreational and commercial trapping
  • Will protect people, pets, working and hunting dogs
  • Will allow specific trapping (for protection of livestock and property; public safety; research and wildlife management)
  • Will reduce indiscriminate trapping of wildlife, including endangered and threatened species
  • Will end unnecessary, prolonged suffering of tens of thousands of Montana’s wildlife

What I-177 WON’T do:

  • Will NOT apply to private property or Tribal lands
  • Will NOT affect hunting and fishing
  • Will NOT prevent the protection of livestock and property
  • Will NOT affect trapping animals for public safety, wildlife management or scientific study

The leg-hold trap…is probably the most cruel device ever invented by man and is a direct cause of inexcusable destruction and waste of our wildlife.”

Dick Randall, former federal trapper, in a statement to U.S. Congress.

250px-logo_of_billings_gazetteThe Billing Gazette posted a final endorsement for I-77 today!

“On Initiative 177, we suggest that voters approve this ban on sport and commercial trapping on public lands. Initiative 177 will still allow trapping on all private land, and authorizes trapping on public lands to protect public health and safety and livestock. Present law lets trappers set unlimited numbers of traps and snares on public lands, resulting every year in death and injury to many “nontarget” animals, including pets. Veterinarians and wildlife biologists are among supporters of I-177.”

Please Go VOTE!

I-177 is truly a grassroots, common sense, widely-supported, Montana-driven initiative…but we are up against Well Funded, Out-of-State Opponents.

We need EVERY possible vote we can get.